The breed is known to have come from the Newfoundland and St. Johns area in Canada and been brought back to English shores by fisherman.

Labradors come in various colours - black, yellow and chocolate. In the yellow Labrador, colour can vary from light cream to the deepest form of yellow which is the fox red (the same as our Bitch Honey).

Due to the nature of Labradors It is quite possible to view a litter where puppies of all three colours are available, it all depends on the colour dominance of the dog & bitch.

Labradors make brilliant family pets due to their wonderful temperament. The Labrador's reputation goes before him as a friendly, happy and well-mannered dog. They are easy to train, eager to please and make devoted companions.

The Labrador is a gundog, whose natural instinct is to retrieve anything and everything, whether in the home or out on a walk.

There are a number of diseases seen in the breed such as central progressive retinal atrophy (CPRA), hip dysplasia (HD) and osteochondrosis (OCD). Breeders such as ourselves work really hard to ensure that our breeding stock is free of any of these conditions to ensure we do our bit to help eradicate these problems.

The mature Labrador varies in size considerably. The male dogs will grow to 22-22.5 inches at the withers (top of shoulders) and Bitches will grow to 21.5-22 inches at the withers. Dogs will also be heavier than bitches our dogs are normally around the 35 to 40 Kg weight whereas the bitches are normally around 25kg