KC reg Helenstev Together Forever

My darling boy Henry passed away in October. He was the love of my life and my best friend. Henry is in my heart and will always be with me forever. He was the most laid back easy going dog you could ever wish for and he gave me so much love and companionship over the years I will always be grateful to him. Love you so much.


KC reg Helenstev Goldenboy

Timmy died at the age of six in 2008, he was the love of Helen's life. He was called Timmy after Tim Henman, due to the fact he was born during Wimbledon in 2002, and he came out two days after the rest of his litter and had to be resuscitated on birth, so we called him Timmy as he was a real fighter but honestly we didn't give him much chance (sorry Tim Henman!)

Timmy led a very full life and was always at Helen's side going everywhere with her, you would always find the pair of the having little sleepies in the afternoon cuddled up on the sofa together, I always commented that Timmy actually thought he was a human, truly a very loving intense relationship.

He sired many puppies during his short life, so has given joy to many families with his wonderful offspring.

We will always miss Timmy; he was truly a wonderful special dog.


KC reg Housty High Hope

Tiffany was one of the original dogs that we started Ridgeway Labradors with, she was a beautiful tall very graceful Labrador that would retrieve all day long. She was a fantastic dog to breed from and had a number of fabulous litters and was a truly fantastic mum.

Tiffany died suddenly after a short illness in 2010. She is missed every day from our home she lived in, and was always at our side.


KC reg Lucan Joy Mar

My beautiful boy Jeffrey as a lot of you will know passed away. We had him for almost 14 years and he really was the most wonderful dog you could ever wish to have.

Over the years he produced the most stunning puppies and he was the start of Ridgeway back in the Henley days in Oxfordshire. His lines will carry on with Henry who is his boy and the main stud here at Ridgeway.

Jeffrey will never be forgotten and he will always be with me in my heart and soul. The children grew up and he protected us all right up until the day he was put to sleep with our vet at home.

I light a candle every night for the dogs that are now no longer with us. I will see them all again one day


KC reg: Lisdrun Clarissa, Born 25th July 2001, Hips 5/3 total 8

Honey is the only Fox Red Labrador that we have owned. She is a wonderfully loyal and loving dog, who spends every evening now in resting on the sofa, normally with her friend Stanley the Beagle by her side.

Honey originally came from Ireland and we bought her in when she was about six months old. As she approaches 10 years old now she has had a wonderful life, delivered some great litters of puppies


KC reg: Housty Oyster, Born 8th August 2001, Hips 4/4 total 8

Chloe has finished her breeding career, and now spends most of her life settled comfortably in front of the Aga in our farmhouse kitchen. She is definitely a dog of routine and like all Labradors food plays an important part of her life.

Chloe is a wonderfully natured dog and lives in at all times where she is a big part of our family. She is our only dog that as you can see from her photos sits with her paws crossed in a very lady like manner! At ten years old she is still a true retriever and has now developed the skills of a tennis ball girl helping the twins by retrieving tennis balls when they play in the barn and bringing them back to the server