KC Reg Helenstev together forever, Born 17th April 2007, Hips 0/0 total 0

Henry has been recently Optigen tested after recently having his DNA taken and the result of the test is totally clear so he is not and never will be a carrier or affected by Progressive Retinal Atrophy.

Henry is one of the finest examples of a Black Labrador that you will find; he is a kind, loving, big, strong Labrador whilst being as gentle as it's possible to be. He is a wonderful family dog who is best friends with everyone that comes to the house (including our cat Coco!)

We bred Henry ourselves in 2007 and was out of our two dogs Jeffery and Tiffany. The name Henry sort of suits him, he is a very regal animal and remarkably laid back. On his first shooting trip he fell asleep twice, you don't get much more laid back than that!

He is in fantastic shape, and we are fortunate to have bred a dog that has a hip score of 0/0 which is truly remarkable.

Henry has already sired many fine puppies and is continuing to carry on in the way of his Sire Jeffery in producing wonderful Labradors that are a joy to own.